The mission of AWA is to empower African women immigrants and refugees through advocacy, hands-on education, holistic support and the provision and facilitation of resources.


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    AWA stands for “African Women’s Alliance” – it could just as easily stand for “All Women’s Alliance.” The group is welcoming and inclusive of all who promote and live its values. Since I’ve become an AWA member, I’ve been embraced by women from all cultures, faiths and backgrounds. The richness and diversity of AWA have blessed my life and household many times over.
    Mary Christen-Czech
    “The complications and challenges we face as mothers and women give me great reason to stick with a group of like-minded women, eager to bring change to womankind, and the community.”
    Janette Yiran, Executive Director
    “It has been amazing to see the difference it makes when women are united for a common purpose.”
    Beth Gathetu
    "I have always been drawn to those who are exceptional, those whose achievement exceeds every expectation, for me it was the first day I sat with this group of women who I thought at first what is the group going to offer that I haven't heard before. But after listening to these strong minded African women talk and give ideas, I said to myself, this is what I have been searching for for the last 18 years and came to a conclusion and said, "this is home for me" and that is how I came to join AWA since 2009."
    Lul Hersi