Health & Wellness

Immigrant and refugee populations are often the most vulnerable and least likely to seek support for emotional, physical and mental health issues. The Health and Wellness program is rooted in the need for increased awareness of preventative precautions through changes in lifestyle. AWA promotes the health of women through holistic self-care, education and awareness of available health services.

AWA works in partnership with the Central Minnesota Sustainability Project to connect women with free fertile land and seeds so that they may grow their own healthful, chemical-free produce for their families. We also host food preservation classes during the fall to teach women how to can and preserve their own nutrient-packed foods to eat during the winter months.









We are currently working to develop a committee of individuals who are interesting in putting together the framework for a formal Health and Wellness program. At the preliminary stages, we are focusing on the following:

  • Nutrition
  • Hands-on growing and food preservation
  • Breast feeding
  • Exercise and self-care
  • Emotional and psychological health
  • Diabetes and heart disease prevention
  • Access to healthcare resources

We recognize that there are many qualified professionals residing in our region who we can partner with to achieve our goal for a healthier immigrant and refugee community. If you are interested in joining our committee to get in on the ground floor of this important project, please call AWA Board Chair, Florence Orionzi, at 320.203.8964.